The path to patient-centric, value-based care is not easy—

Improved data visibility makes it possible.


ACOs have unique communications challenges with member practices spread across a region, using different EHRs, and with varying IT capabilities.

careMESH was designed to complement existing hospital or practice infrastructure, while bringing your distributed healthcare organization together.

Use careMESH to support a tightly-defined requirement, such as digital referrals, or more comprehensive solutions so your entire care community can collaborate about patient care and operate as one virtual organization.

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Go Beyond Texting to Next Generation Communications

careMESH is not a typical secure communications capability. Our service includes: (1) Secure text and email, (2) our National Directory, (3) EHR Messenger integration, and (4) a Delivery Guarantee—if a message bounces due to inaccurate or missing directory details, we will queue, verify, and deliver it.

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Better Manage Referrals and Reduce Leakage

Our Referral Management module allows members to send referrals, attach patient records from their EHR, and (with member permission) give your ACO visibility into patient data and referral patterns for shared patients.  

Our workflow tools ensure referrals are acted upon, keep the referring clinician informed of patient progress, and ensure your members meet their “electronic referral” measure under the CMS Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program.  


Create Your Own Modernized Health Information Exchange

Our Health Information Exchange services allows ACO members to grant appropriate access to patient records and dramatically reduce the need for manual coordination.

If your hospital already has a portal through which ACO members can retrieve patient records, careMESH augments data sharing between ACO member ambulatory EHRs, as well as with the hospital—all using the same system as for texting and emailing. 

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Drive Data Warehouse and Analytic Tools

We understand that you need to go deeper in data analytics and combine data from a variety of sources.  careMESH empowers you to share data with your existing tools, such as a population health platform, so you can understand the patterns and behaviors of patients, while monitoring your quality and financial performance.