Communications & Collaboration that Includes All US-Based Clinicians from Day 1—

Say “goodbye” to siloed products.

You are used to communications tools within a single enterprise or hospital, or through standalone apps for texting or email. This ignores community service providers, unaffiliated physicians on different EHRs, and other members of the patient care team. careMESH brings it all together with a National Provider Directory and secure, multi-channel delivery:


We include embedded transition of care workflow tools so you can rely on careMESH to help you coordinate patient care.


National Provider Directory with individual, enterprise, associate and national lists to communicate with anyone.


Send Referrals, Transitions of Care, or ADTs. Manage Referral Networks or Coordinate Patient care.


Access, attach and share patient records with an intuitive display. Add EHR integrations with careMESH CloudSync®


But wait, it gets better.

When non-careMESH subscribers receive messages, they can access the intuitive careMESH U/I to complete a quick identity proofing process, read your note, view the patient record and other files, and reply to you directly. Even if you only access careMESH from within your EHR, the recipient is now able to read the patient health data you have shared and send a response. No training required!