Building Better Communication Between Hospitals and Outside Providers—

To improve care team collaboration and patient outcomes.

ADT alerts are commonplace, but are they as actionable as they should be?

careMESH’s innovative Enhanced ADT solution leverages a hospital’s established ADT feed, and takes it to the next level. Using our National Provider Directory, and proprietary multi-channel delivery process, careMESH customers send ADTs along with patient records and other relevant care information so the recipient can take immediate action.

Gone are the days, that community providers need to search through multiple portals to understand what care their patient has received. You can share the complete picture, from moment one.

Innovative Mechanism to Deliver Admit & Discharge Notifications

careMESH Enhanced ADT Process Diagram

What does this mean for your hospital?

Hospitals using the careMESH platform to enhance their ADT alerts achieve several key benefits:

  • Reduce Directory Maintenance Costs by eliminating phone call verification and lost clinical and administrative productivity due to missing contact details for external providers.

  • Meet State Regulatory Requirements: Create an automated process to notify primary care providers when their patient is admitted or discharged.

  • Reduce Case Management Costs by eliminating reliance on phone calls and other manual processes to coordinate care.

  • Reduce Direct Protocol Costs by transitioning to the careMESH HISP you may receive up to a 20% discount on your current HISP fees.

  • Improve the Recipient Experience by making your alerts immediately actionable from the moment they arrive. Don’t make outside providers have to chase down the story behind the alert!