Access and Securely Share Patient Records—

Wherever they need to go.

Need to share a patient record and surgical summary with a patient’s primary care provider upon discharge? Our National Directory, makes it possible to look-up any US-based clinician and start communicating. You can share patient records from your EHR and present patient information to the recipient in an elegant and intuitive display—no systems integration required!  

Our Patient Record Viewer was designed by doctors to provide a useful summary of the patient—problems, meds and allergies; then vital signs and lab results; and then the detail.  The entire record is searchable and the display is consistent regardless of the source EHR or the device you are using to access it. Read more about this valuable tool in supporting Referral Management workflows.


Access patient records from your EHR with careMESH CloudSync®

careMESH CloudSync is a set of proprietary integration capabilities designed to ease the burden on our customers by leveraging API Connections, Robotic Process Automation, and other easy-to-deploy methods to automatically synchronize your patient records with careMESH, making them easier to share and allowing organizations to capture, mine and share patient information across the enterprise. Here are a few highlights:



Our preferred way of syncing records in real-time


Sync records if FHIR is not available


Granular permissions allow you to decide who has access to what data


Drop data into your pop-health platform for detailed data analysis