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Our clients may have tight budgets but they want to serve their patients well, and need to reach out-of-network providers, reduce reliance on fax/postal mail, and streamline their workflows to improve how they manage referrals and exchange health information with referral partners.

careMESH delivers the right tools to achieve these objectives without burdensome IT cost and complexity.

Read how MHDG met its Meaningful Use HIE measures with careMESH:

The careMESH solution was definitely easier, quicker, and simpler than having to coordinate care by fax and phone.
— Daphne Brannon, Medical Home Development Group (MHDG) Team Lead and Program Coordinator

Imagine What You Could Do!

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Use our National Directory to Locate any US-Based Practitioner

The first step in communicating is being able to locate the right individual or organization. Our National Directory makes it possible, by augmenting your existing contacts with every licensed US-based healthcare practitioner. We guarantee it!

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Meet CMS Promoting Interoperability Targets for Digital Referrals

90% of referrals are still sent by fax. With careMESH Referral Management you can send a referral, test result, and related images digitally.  And our Clinical Communications tools allow the entire care team to collaborate in real-time.

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Reduce the Time and Systems Required to Send & Track Referrals

We make it easy for your team to send and receive secure communications, create and manage customized mailboxes based on internal workflow requirements, maintain a Referral & Care Transition dashboard to automatically track patient progress; and reduce the demands on staff who still labor with vast amounts of paper and faxes exchanged with other organizations.