careMESH Was Designed and Built from the Ground Up—

To integrate with today’s mission-critical systems.

Whether by FHIR, HL7, proprietary APIs, or integration directly into your EHR, careMESH was designed to work within your existing infrastructure, to augment your capabilities and fill critical workflow gaps so your clinical team can be more efficient. And careMESH knows it’s important to provide options for healthcare organizations, large and small, who have different capabilities and requirements.

Access patient records with careMESH CloudSync®

careMESH CloudSync is an optional service that lets you connect one or more EHRs without complex integration to automatically synchronize your patient records with careMESH, making them easier to share and allowing organizations to capture, mine and share patient information across the enterprise.

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A convenient way of synching records in real-time

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Sync records overnight if FHIR is not available

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Granular permissions allow you to decide who has accesses to what data

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Drop data into your pop-health platform for detailed analysis


Integrate with your EHR with careMESH CloudConnect®

Most frequently used by our hospital customers, careMESH CloudConnect takes you further.  Not only are records automatically synchronized between your EHR and careMESH but the user experience is seamless.  Users will be able to search our national provider directory, send messages, and share relevant patient records with the desired recipient(s) directly from your EHR.

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Give users access to careMESH from your EHR

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Give users access to the only nationwide FHIR Directory

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Send and receive via careMESH from your EHR messenger