Mind the Gap: Creating Seamless Referrals and Transitions in Care


By Catherine Thomas

November 14, 2018 — We are all patients and readily migrate between a wide variety of healthcare providers and settings in our lifetime. Many of us (although certainly not all of us) are born in a hospital, regularly visit primary care providers, seek out urgent care when needed, and eventually make our way to surgical and rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) as life progresses. And that is the simple case. 

Many of our nation’s patients live a far more complex story, battling chronic or traumatic health conditions, facing poverty that limits healthcare access, and everything in between. 

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When things are going well, the system works for us, as long as we are still okay with carrying paper referrals, CDs, and other items with us as we navigate from place-to-place. But are we really okay with this?

And when things are bad, few challenges expose the pervasive and almost crippling workflow gaps in our healthcare system in the same way as referrals and transitions in care. That organization-to-organization exchange is where things break down.

Patients come in all shapes and sizes and at careMESH, we have a new model for healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes: a flexible, scalable, and secure services platform that integrates with the EHR infrastructure and workflows you have in place today. In our recent white paper, we invite you to read how referrals and other care transitions can be both digital and far more efficient for your support teams. 

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