Communicate & Collaborate With Every US Clinician

careMESH brings together a national provider directory, secure communications, and transition of care workflows into a single service.

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Our National Provider Directory lets your healthcare organization or practice look-up any US-based provider—right from your EHR.

Reach across your community and BEYOND.


Share Patient Health Information—and make ADT alerts, Discharges, Referrals and other transitions of care instantly ACTIONABLE for the recipient.


Create bi-directional Clinical Communications—with secure Email, Texting, and Direct Services—so you can communicate with ANY other healthcare provider.


 Streamline transitions of care to meet targets for State & Federal Regulatory Programs such as Promoting Interoperability.

Collaborate with clinical and community service providers—and download CEHRT 2015 reports.


Are you ready to connect on a single MESH?