It’s Difficult to Maintain Your Own Provider Network Directory—

Learn how careMESH can help.

Maintaining accurate information about your network of providers requires frequent updates, and the capturing and integrating of clinical information to support your plan initiatives is challenging, to say the least. These tasks are resource-intensive and can overwhelm administrative teams trying support patient care planning and clinical treatment.

careMESH offers Health Plan customers a range of solutions to address these challenge areas.

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National Provider Directory Based on HL7® FHIR®:

First, you can meet upcoming CMS requirements to publish your provider directory via a FHIR API, with minimal effort. In fact, you could be up and running in a day:

Upload Provide us with a CSV file, API or database and we’ll run it through our Extraction, Transformation and Load tool to augment our current practitioner information
Document Add our templated content to your website to explain how developers can access the API

Second, you can access a wealth of data on the more than 4.6M individual practitioners in the Directory:

Data Sources NPPES, PECOS, State Medical Boards, Direct Trust*, Individual Providers, Healthcare Organizations, and much more.
Contents Obtain information on providers, the organizations and locations they work for and from, their contact information and other information like specialities and education
Alerts Get alerted when an in-network provider’s information is updated
Access Search and save date through FHIR APIs, our User Interface or an application that can be embedded in any web-based system

For a detailed view of how we’ve architected the Directory, click here.


Care Team Collaboration with Network Providers

Leveraging our national directory, and unique delivery guarantee to any of the 4.6 million people in the directory, you can obtain and exchange patient records and establish digital communications with care team members:

Retrieving Patient Records careMESH CloudSync® connects to hospital and ambulatory EHRs to access patient records.
Encounters & Discharges Instead of subscribing to an ADT feed, subscribe to a feed of Encounters and Discharge Summaries that are delivered directly to you, with the patient record already attached.
Engaging with Practitioners Send and receive digital communications with your provider network, regardless of whether they have a Direct protocol address.*

HL7 and FHIR are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International.

*Access to Direct protocol secure email addresses is only available to customers enrolled in our HISP services