Making Digital Care Transitions to the Outside World Possible—

So Patient Care Teams can Communicate & Collaborate

All hospitals need to engage with external healthcare organizations—such as primary care providers, specialists, skilled nursing facilities, and others.

careMESH supports your enterprise-wide communications and health information exchange strategy, while leveraging existing EHR, HIE and IT infrastructure. You can replace fax and phone, while better managing relationships with outside practices.

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Embed our National Directory into Your EHR

The first step in communicating is being able to locate the right individual practitioner or healthcare organization. Our National Directory makes it possible, by augmenting your internal and EHR directories to automate outbound messages. We guarantee it.


Send Digital Discharge Notes & Patient Records to Any Clinician

Digital communication is more efficient paper, fax or CD-ROM. So why do those methods persist? Because they get the job done without disruption. careMESH works within your existing EHR workflows to remove manual administrative burden from your support teams and ensure secure, digital delivery.

Through careMESH, recipients will have simple, digital access to patient records, integrate data with their own EHR, and communicate back to your hospital—even if they’ve never heard of careMESH before.


Open a Digital Channel for Referrals & Outside Clinical Communications 

Referrals or requests for second opinions bring a significant revenue opportunity for many hospitals. Unaffiliated practitioners are more likely to refer patients to your hospital if you make Referral Management easy and efficient.  Let careMESH’s next generation tools, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform©, increase your operational efficiency and revenue with a better experience for your patients.